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Will Dropps forward my shipment?Updated 2 months ago

USPS does provide a mail forwarding service, but we can only guarantee delivery to the shipping address we have on file. If you are signed up for a wash plan subscription, we send out an email reminder before processing your order to confirm the address we have on file and the products being shipped. Please make sure all Dropps emails are not marked for Spam to prevent important communication related to your packages from getting missed. 

Address updates can be made from your Account page. Please note any address change made through the online account only applies to future orders. If you need to make an address change on the day of shipping, please reach out to [email protected] with the full new address. While we aren't able to guarantee a successful adjustment prior to shipment, the earlier we are contacted the better! 


*Please note, the cost of shipping to your address on file is covered by the shipping fee on your order, however USPS may require additional payment upon collection for any further shipping required to get your shipment forwarded to a new address. We are unable to cover forwarding fees, but are happy to help make any address adjustments you may need to prevent this from occurring!

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