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What is your Domestic Shipping Policy?Updated 2 months ago

You may have heard about and felt the impact of the soaring cost of shipping these days. Dropps is unfortunately no exception. We have been hard at work to absorb these increased rates without raising our own prices or our free shipping minimum of $29. However, we’ve had to change our shipping fee structure, which may impact you positively, require some adjustments to your subscriptions or orders, or may not impact you at all!


Beginning 2/23/2023 all orders over $29 before taxes and after discounts will continue to receive free shipping. Orders under $29 will incur a $10 shipping fee. If you have concerns over these fees, we have the remedy! You can add a new product to your order or subscription to get it over the $29 threshold, or if you are a subscriber with multiple subscriptions currently set to ship separately, you can sync them to the same dates to ensure they ship together, which more often than not will get an order over $29!

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