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How Do I Redeem Rewards Points and Apply Codes?Updated 17 days ago

If you're having trouble applying a rewards code to your next order, you may have redeemed your points for the wrong type of code! Dropps rewards codes are split into codes for one time purchases, which cannot be applied to subscriptions, and subscriptions codes which cannot be applied to one time purchases. When selecting your redemption code, be sure you are opting for the code that will apply to the type of order you are planning to apply it to.

One time purchase codes start with the letters LP and can only be applied at checkout.

Subscription codes start with a series of random numbers and letters and can be applied at checkout or directly to an active subscription from your account when logged in.

If you are having trouble applying your code, you may be attempting to apply it to the wrong type of order. Please refer to the above code descriptions and either attempt to apply the code to the corresponding order type, or contact us at [email protected] so we can deactivate your existing code and get you on the right track! 

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