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How do I get a replacement for a damaged order?Updated 21 days ago

We try to make the best product possible that can withstand cross-country shipment and storage in many different conditions, but occasionally rough handling and conditions can cause unpreventable issues. We're so sorry that you have received a less-than-perfect shipment of our product!

If you receive a damaged product, please email us at [email protected] within 30 days of delivery with the following information:

- A picture of the shipment/pods

- An estimate of how many pods are unusable

- Order number for that shipment, if handy

- Lot number; this number is 6 characters long, ending with a "/" or "%" symbol, and can be found on the inner left flap of the Dropps product box. You can send us a picture of this code or type it into the body of your email.

We will be sure to make things right!

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