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Does Dropps use PVOH?Updated 2 months ago

If you made it to this FAQ, you’re probably looking for answers about PVOH and why we use it - we’re glad you’re here!

We design all our products with the safety of you, your family, and the planet as our top priority. In fact, safety is one of the reasons we use PVOH - our pod technology keeps the active ingredients off your skin and prevents spills. PVOH is used in everything from Eye Drops to FDA Approved Medical Applications like artificial cartilage! We also carefully review all scientific and technical information available when formulating our products, and have performed the necessary tests that confirm our pods are readily biodegradable, along with containing biodegradable ingredients. PVOH does not break down into microplastics as defined by the state of California, and we believe that the usage of PVOH in cleaning products does not have any detrimental effects on oceans, rivers, or marine life. PVOH is included on the EPA’s CleanGredients database (the definitive database of chemical ingredients whose formulations have been pre-approved by the U.S. EPA to meet the criteria of their Safer Choice Standard.)  

A significant body of work, citing over 190 peer-reviewed papers, supports this mechanism:

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We know this is a controversial topic with lots of confusing misinformation floating around. To better understand some of the fallacies being pushed recently, we recommend taking a look at the American Cleaning Institute’s response to the campaigns that may have led you here. You can also review the EPA’s recent rejection of a petition to have PVOH removed from their Safer Choice List, and why they ruled against the claims and primary study cited to make a case against this valuable ingredient.

We understand PVOH isn’t perfect, and neither are we. Your voice lets us know we should and can do better as we continue to look for better ingredients and formulas to continue making your home and our planet cleaner!

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